Pregnancy essentials.

Throughout both of my pregnancies I've found that there are certain things that have made my experience a lot easier. I have been really lucky to have two quite easy pregnancies, I love being pregnant but it is such a harrowing time on your body both physically and emotionally. That's why I thought I would share with you the things that I class as essentials, from the things you really should invest in to those that you deserve to treat yourself to.

A good pair of maternity jeans.

I have LIVED in my maternity jeans since I got pregnant with Charlie, two years on and I dread the day I won't be able to get away with wearing them. I love the over the bump pairs as I find they stay up a lot better and also don't bunch around the crotch. I've found that peoples opinions vary on which shops are better so I think its just a preference but I've found that H&M have the best pairs. The only problem with them is that they don't do different leg lengths so I really struggle to find a pair that fit. They are definitely something you should invest in as you will never want to look at a pair of normal jeans again.

Comfy Pjs/Lounge wear.

Investing in some nice pjs and lounge wear you will find will be one of the best things you can do. Especially in those last weeks when nothing fits, nothing is comfortable and your nesting for your arrival a nice pair of pjs/lounge wear will do wonders! If you treat yourself to some nicer ones, again H&M do a really nice lounge wear range, you might find that you don't feel as frumpy as you would if you normally spent the whole week day in your pjs.

Mum to Be beauty products.

Specifically bump cream, bump oil and a good bath soak. Pregnancy can be really hard on your body and therefore you NEED time to relax and pamper yourself, time for pampering dwindles a lot when the baby arrives so make the most of it whilst you can. I love the Sanctuary Spa Mum to Be products, I received their hat box of treats when I was pregnant with Charlie reviewed here and have repurchased the body cream in this pregnancy as its so nice. The smell is divine and it moisturizes like nothing else, its great when your belly is feeling tight and itchy and when I put it on before bed I feel I have a much easier nights sleep. I've also heard that the N-Spa range at ASDA is good as well.


To follow the beauty products I highly recommend that you join up to all the baby clubs out there. Boots is amazing as you get 10 points to every pound that is spent on a baby related item, I save all my points and then buy a treat when I have enough for either Charlie or myself. You also get vouchers and when you sign up you get a free changing bag, we still use ours today. The supermarkets also have good clubs and by signing up you get vouchers and leaflets letting you know in advance when the baby events are on so you can save yourself a bit of money, always useful.
Cow and Gate send you a toy cow as well as a leaflet with great advice, they also email you with updates of how things should be and they have an interactive website where you can chat to other mums as well as health care professionals. Its all great for saving money, puts you in a community of sorts and the information is great especially when your pregnant for the first time.

Exercise/Birthing ball.

When your at your most uncomfortable sitting on one of these will seriously help. I find it eases my back and hips and as it helps get your baby in the right position for labour its definitely an essential.

Pregnancy guide.

Especially if its your first pregnancy you'll be wanting to get all the information you can. I've wrote a whole post on what books I recommend click here but out of them all I would recommend What to Expect when your Expecting. It has so much information as well as questions asked by other parents that you might want to know the answer to as well. For the Daddys out there I highly recommend The Essential Dad to Be Guide, Ben loved it. It put things in a real straight to the point manner that even I found more useful than some of the other books, it has a humour that put Ben at ease which is good as its a scary time for them too. Getting to know whats going on in your body and what to expect is always good, even if its just to calm the nerves.


Last but not least a diary. Your pregnancy is one of the most magical times of your life so document it! Whether its in the form of a record book, a nightly journal or just notes taken you can look back in years to come and remember all of those things that time forgot. Its also nice to think that you can show it to your baby when they are old enough, something which I am definitely going to do with Charlie and his little brother when they are older.

These are just what I think of as essentials when pregnant however every pregnancy is different so what I might of missed you might not be able to live without. Let me know what you think are your pregnancy essentials, I'd love to know!

Love, E xo


  1. Definitely a pregnancy pillow! I was so uncomfortable. I loved my sausage pillow that we bought. My other half hated it though because it did take up most of the bed & he ended up on the sofa a lot, fully replaced by the pillow. x

    1. Haha, it sounds a lot like our house at the minute. I only have a little one this pregnancy but I am definitely investing in one for my next pregnancy (whenever that be). I steal all the quilt and wrap it round me and get mardy if he dislodges any of it :) xx


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