4 weeks old!

Hello blogland!

To start todays post off I must apologise for my absence as of late. Ben has still been having time of work and because of that we've been making the most out of our time with Charlie whilst he is so little. Visitors have been a permanent fixture in our house and having a newborn, no matter how much they sleep, take up all of your time. However with Ben back to work properly next week and Charlie in some form of routine, although it changes slightly day to day, I have promised myself to spend some 'Me Time' back in the blogging community.

So to get myself back on the ball I thought I would dedicate this little post to my little man. Can anybody believe that Charlie is 4 weeks old today, because I certainly cant! Its gone by so fast and sometimes feels like time is slipping through our hands to quickly and we are missing precious moments.

I've been trying to take as many photos as I can of Charlie and when comparing them to past weeks can not believe how much he has grown and changed. Although the piles of clothes that no longer fit him gets bigger everyday are an indicator.

As it is his 4 week old birthday I thought I would share some special pictures I've taken over the weeks to show you guys how he is growing up and to brag a little at how adorable my little pumpkin is.

Week ONE.

Week TWO.

Week FOUR.

Just how cute is my baby boy?
I am so glad to be back and have some exciting posts and ideas in the pipeline that will be coming up over the next few weeks. Bye Bye for now and have a great weekend!