Babies first teeth.

At 5 months and 2 days exactly Charles' first tooth cut through. I didn't even notice at first because he hadn't been acting up or changed his personality at all, he was just his normal happy self with a little tooth! I cried a little when I noticed it (has anybody else done that) and rang nearly everybody I knew to tell them. Yep I've turned into one of those Mums that tells everybody everything about their baby, but hey hes my pride and joy.

So about a week after this tooth arrived its little friend joined him and his second tooth cut through as well. When he gives you that special little grin and those two little white nuggets are grinning back at you it really is the cutest thing. So to keep his two little white nuggets glowing I went and bought his first ever toothbrush and toothpaste!

I decided to go for the Aquafresh 0-2 toothbrush and toothpaste to clean his little teggy pegs. The brush is so small and it gets into his teeth really well, its so small so Charlie can get his hands on it and explore with it himself. We normally wet the toothbrush, and then put the tip of it into the tube of toothpaste to put the smallest amount on. We then give his two little teeth a clean and let Charlie do the rest. Its so easy and we think it is so important to get into a routine with brushing his teeth to teach him a good dental hygiene.

This little duo are great for first use and I definitely recommend them. I am interested in looking into getting him a silicone toothbrush which seems to be really taking the world by storm, let me know if you have one or recommend one.

I just wanted to share Charles' little tooth adventure with you, this is a baby lifestyle blog after all. I love his two little teeth, especially when they are shining to me through his big grin.

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Love Ellie, 
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