Sanctuary Mum To Be Ultimate Retreat Hat Box - Review.

This post was originally published on the 9th December 2013. Whilst looking back at old posts I thought this would be a good one to revive as I still LOVE these products with baby no.2.

Sanctuary, Mum to Be Ultimate Retreat Hat Box.

I received this as a gift from a family member as have absolutely loved it. Its been great using the different products and has given me my preferences as to what I will purchase myself when the products are used. The price for the box as well is a bargain compared to buying the products individually so it may be worth buying for yourself like this if you like all of the products. This is also a great gift to give to someone you know who is pregnant, giving them this as soon as you know they are pregnant would be most beneficial to them and would get you amazing brownie points!
Lets review!

Inside this little box of love includes

Tummy Soothing Bath Soak. 75ml

Collagen Boosting Body Butter. 125ml

Stretch Mark Oil. 75ml

Cooling Leg and Foot Gel. 50ml

And a Body Puff.

I have used each of these products a few times to ensure I was able to give my honest opinion on how they work and most importantly how they made me feel! They are all midwife approved and are hypoallergenic so are amazing for everybody. I have been using these products for well over a year now and have even repurchased the body butter once I had used the whole pot up.

To start with the 'Collagen Boosting Body Butter' has been my most favourite out of the products. As with all of Sanctuary's products it smelt gorgeous unlike other stretch mark butters I have tried. It was smooth and cooling as I applied it onto my every stretching belly. The cooling sensation in the winter is probably my only complaint about the product however I can imagine in the summer it would feel amazing. The application was so easy and it didn't feel sticky or get clumpy on my skin as I rubbed in.
Now I don't know whether I am extremely lucky or it has something to do with this body butter but I am yet to have a single stretch mark. So this body butter gets a very high 9/10.

Moving on to the 'Stretch Mark Oil' I was worried that it would mark my clothes, however no need to worry as it hasn't left a mark. It smells gorgeous again and the application on to my skin was easy and smooth. However I found it hard to actually get the product out of the bottle without spilling it somewhere maybe a bottle that you had to squeeze the product out would of been better.
Other than that the product has lasted me so long and doesn't seem to be reducing in size so even better as I doubt I will need to repurchase this product before my 40 weeks are up! 7/10.

Since getting pregnant I have increased the number of baths that I usually take, my back aches constantly and the water is so soothing and relaxing on my muscles its as if I've taken painkillers. So with this I was looking forward to using the 'Tummy Soothing Bath Soak' as my skins feels so stretched if I haven't used any of my body butter or oil. I love my baths to be very bubbly but this however was not the case at all with the bath soak. The smell however made the whole bathroom smell like a spa and I did feel very moisturised when I got out. Next time I will definitely combine it with a bubble bath product. Unfortunately this product only comes in the Ultimate Retreat Hat Box 5/10.

Lastly I do not know what I would do without my 'Cooling Leg and Foot Gel'. The cooling sensation and the smell relaxes me straight to sleep, this might however be due to the fact Ben is one who has to rub it in! That's the bonus of this product you don't have to apply it yourself.
The application however is a lot like glue, it was very sticky and dried very fast which was really disappointing. Unfortunately this product only comes in the Ultimate Retreat Hat Box. 3/10.

The 'Body Puff' as gorgeous as it felt to use lasted all but 2 weeks. Very disappointing. 1/10.

If you are interested in purchasing for yourself or are looking at reviews before using I hope this is of some help. Enjoy the products and let me know what you think of them as well!
I have linked below the Hat Box itself along with links to the separate products that are available to purchase. Here is the best price I could find online for them which is also the official Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden website.

Mum To Be Ultimate Retreat Hat Box
Collagen Boosting Body Butter
Stretch Mark Oil