My Little Best Friend

Every now and again I have the urge to sit and write about how much I am amazed with Charlie. He is growing so fast in both body and brain and every day he does something that makes me burst with love for his little soul. Being back at home full time Charlie and I spend all our time together. I'm finding it hard to leave him in the care of others as he is such a huge part of my every day, hes my little best friend.

Even though I am exhausted being full term, getting up every morning with him is the best part of the day. We chat in his bedroom, he waves out the window as I've taught him to say 'hello world' and he turns the light on at the top of the stairs. We sit and watch Peppa Pig, eating our breakfast, cuddle and after he will bring me his books and its by far my favourite part of every day.

With him learning more every day, his affection towards us has increased. He will now want to come and snuggle up to you, give you kisses and just be near you. We all have fun together and our days are filled with laughter, whether its just me and Charlie or all three of us. We're really making the most out of our last weeks as a family of three and in some ways feel a little sad that things are going to change so drastically. But we are so excited and already in love with our unborn baby that we can't wait to meet him and become a family of four.
For the past few days Charlie and I have had some really cute moments together, and its what has prompted me to write down these memories. Whether its having lunch together where he is trying to share or having an hour snuggled on the sofa together, hes communicating with me so much. We laugh with one another and those moments are so precious.

Being a parent at times can be really hard, you can read about some of my own struggles here. It can be exhausting and difficult especially if hes having a rough day and pulling tantrums left, right and centre. But its the moments like the picture above where we were fooling around in front of the camera (which he loves) and he turns to me with that huge cheeky grin of his that make it all worth while. He is truly my littlest best friend and I love being his Mummy. Having him and his Daddy in my life make it what it is today and I can't wait to feel that love for another little soul when his little brother makes his appearance at the end of the month.
But for now I will dance around with my littlest best friend who is growing in to the most beautiful, cheekiest little man.