6 months on this planet.

I can't believe that my baby is half a year old! I can safely say it's been the best half a year of my life. From the minute that Charles was born my whole life changed for the better and there is no words to describe just how much. Your told that as soon as you see your child that you fall instantly in love and you do. This unconditional love hits you like a ton of bricks, you have this urge to look after and care for this little human. I was hit with this unconditional love the second I saw him but as the days passed I got to know his little personality and the more time I spent with him the deeper I fell in love. 
Over the past 6 months Charles has developed more than I could ever of imagined. Hes gone from that tiny baby in our arms to a bigger more sturdy baby that can sit up all on his own. One of the things I've already realised about parenthood is that by watching you baby grow you are watching them become more independent. Of course he still needs us to survive but even just the fact he can hold his head up now shows an example. 

Its taken time to get us all in to a routine that we are happy with. As Charlie is our first born we have really taken each day as it comes and have taken his needs and our normal day into account and settled ourselves into a routine that suits us all. To begin with we were lenient with bedtimes as we really took the lead from him and how the day had gone but now he has a set bedtime and it works really well. His day time routine is still quite here and there but its in a place that can only get better and I'm not too worried yet as he is still so young. The older he gets the more stricter the routine will become as I think it would be good for not only him but me as well.

I've talked about my PND in previous posts and now at 6 months I can say that I really am over the worse of it. I've always been somebody that has suffered from mental health problems on and off over the years, so I was expecting a degree of PND to come which is what I think helped me get over it so quickly, because I could get my head around it. I am now ready to get out and really start our lives without feeling so low all of the time. I've discovered the new side of me that is called 'Mum' and I love it! I am so excited for all of the adventures and activities that will come from this title.

In his 6 months on the planet Charlie has grown from 8lbs 13.5oz to 17lbs 6oz, he is rolling (when he wants to get something out of his reach), he is sitting up all by himself (a major achievement) and even babbles to himself and us all of the time. He makes sounds such as yayaa, dada and even maaaa but we know he has no idea what he is saying but its all moving towards his first words which I'm hoping will be mama. Another great development has come in the form of a teeny weeny little tooth!! I couldn't believe it when I spotted it for the first time and I actually cried. Has anybody else done that? He was absolutely fine in the days running up to its arrival so I was really shocked when I by chance noticed the little white nugget in his gums. In the weeks that we have noticed it, its grown so much and it's adorable when he gives me a huge grin and its shining at me.

We have started the weaning adventure and have started him on purees, we did this when he was about five months as we noticed his bottle feeds were increasing rapidly and the time between each bottle was decreasing. We give him puree twice a day and he is doing really well. We're thinking of starting him on more of a routine with his puree and moving on to mushed up food soon which will be really exciting. At the moment I am using pouches and little jars of food, I am making sure that they are all organic but I am finding it really easy using these whilst he is only on small amounts. I am really looking forward to making our own mixtures of food when hes in more of a routine. I am hoping to start baby led weaning when he gets onto finger foods, I have looked in to it and think its a really good idea, but we will see how it all goes.

Something we have to be grateful for is that Charlie has always been a really chilled out baby. He seriously never cries, unless he is really hungry and we haven't fed him yet or whether he is fighting sleep the most noise he makes is when he is babbling. We have never had any problems with him and for that we count our lucky stars every day. I remember this time last year we were excited about what the future held for us with a baby on the way and now we are looking forward to all of the adventures that come with having our little boy. I really can't believe that he has been on our planet for a whole half a year and that next time I will be writing this overall summary post he will be a whole year old. Time flies by so fast!!

For the day that you read this Charlie (if you do), your Dad and I love you more than we could of ever imagined. You are currently bouncing around in your jumperoo making your usual noises, giving me the biggest smiles whenever I catch your eye. You have brought us the most happiness we have ever experienced and we are super glad you are in our lives, you have truly made us better people and we promise to do our best in looking after you, raising you and turning you into a grown gentleman one day.

For all of you readers, myself and Ben want to thank you for all of your support over the last 6 months, we read all of the comments and tweets. I am so glad I am sharing our journey into parenthood and beyond through this space so that one day we can look back and remember all of these amazing memories.

Love Ellie, 
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