Can you believe it because I cant. To say its a bit of a surprise is an understatement but I am SO SO happy. I'm a huge believer in that everything happens for a reason and to have this happen so unexpected is just a huge blessing.

We found out on mothers day, a super special day to find out and took the test fully expecting a negative result and when Ben told me that he was confused by the faint line I burst in to full tears. Not a single tear in to a sob but full on ugly crying 0 to 100 because having that second line come up is something that I've so desperately wanted. I've always wanted a big family and three was a nice compromise between Ben and I, we were just waiting until a 'better' time to add to our family of four.

I'm still super early. Exactly 4 weeks when I found out and I'm writing this two days later but I wanted to start documenting what will most likely be my last pregnancy. I've wrote down updates of my pregnancies with Charles and Oscar and I love reading them back and remembering best I can the feelings. Even though its only been two years since I was last pregnant it feels like the first time again because its been so long.
I was starting to wonder whether I could be pregnant again for the last week or so, my chest has been tender for weeks, I've been bloated, very hormonal and absolutely exhausted to the point of falling asleep as soon as I sit down. But all of these symptoms are also signs that my period is coming so I didn't want to think to much in to it. But on Mothers day, feeling a bit sick and due on my period I thought that if by some kind of miracle I was pregnant then today would be such a lovely day to find out so we went to a late night pharmacy and grabbed a test.

I'm so blissfully happy to know that baby Robinson number 3 is due this year. Its the final piece of our little puzzle and I cant wait until the next 35 weeks are up and I have them safely in my arms. Saying that I cant wait to cherish every part of this pregnancy and make the most of every second.

Bring on #3!

Love, Ellie xx