Last summer my aunt picked up a crochet hook and made the boys a beautiful blanket each. When we went down to stay with them she lent me a hook and some yarn and after watching a couple of YouTube videos I became hooked (get it) I made a blanket for my friend who was expecting and have since been experimenting with all sorts of things for the home since. After being asked if I could make something or others I thought why not open a shop, and that's how LITTLE TERRACE HOUSE came to be.

Its become such a passion of mine that I had to share it with my blog. I've always wanted to make things for our home and for my boys and I am so proud of the things that I make for them, for us and for others. Its amazing to be able to make things for people, to put so much effort and love in to it and then send it off for them to enjoy. I find that its a more personal gift because its handmade. Recently a custom item I made for someone who was pregnant put up a picture of her newborn baby with the animal in her cot with her in hospital. Knowing that something I made for them was put in their hospital bag and is that gorgeous little girls comforter is very special and makes it all worth it.

I wont be able to make LTH in to a full time job, with how much I charge and how long it takes to make them it would be impossible to be the only source of income. But its a great top up and to know that I am bringing money in to the house by things that I make myself is a great feeling. Its a great hobby and passion and to be able to earn something from it is very lucky.

Here are some of the things that I've made and sell. If you'd like to go and have a look at more you can find me on Facebook here and on Instagram here.