The debate that is as old as time and is as annoying as baby sick on a clean top!

Whether you breast or bottle feed your baby its what is right for your family. A happy, content, FULL baby is all we want as parents and we all know when baby is happy so is Mum and Dad! The breast/bottle issue is one that I have struggled a little bit with in the past.
From the outset I was quite happy with my decision to bottle feed my babies, I looked in to it but felt that it was what was right for our family. It suited us and baby well and we haven't ever looked back. Not only did it give Ben lots of special bonding time with the boys but it gave me a chance to have a rest, knowing that we could see exactly how much we were feeding the boys, knowing they were full and happy.

But just because I choose to bottle feed my children doesn't mean that its the right thing for everyone, for others breast feeding is the best thing you can do. We all know from the media and health care professionals shoving it down our throats the many benefits of breast feeding but not all women can do it or want to do it for that matter.

People judge whether you breast or bottle feed and it doesn't matter what you do someone will have an opinion on it. But my advice to you is to ignore it, as parents we put too much pressure on ourselves as it is we don't need to add to it with other peoples judgements. As parents we have 1000+ decisions to make regarding our childs lives, from their name to how they are feed, what school they go to, how they dress, where they live. We need to listen to our own instincts and ignore the old debate of what is best and let yourself decide.

Here are some helpful links to help you decide which way to feed your baby:

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Love Ellie x