Its been a long time coming since I sat and wrote out Oscars birth story in this form. Here it is, you can read Charlies birth story here if you wanted to see the differences.

We knew when Oscar was going to be born, if all went to plan with our elective C-section he was going to come in the world on the 22nd of May, and he did.
With Charles we ended up having an emergency C-section, everything was rushed and scary I was put under a general and recovering wasn't easy. Going in to the labour suite with all of those memories was hard, my emotions were all over the place. On one hand I was beyond excited to meet the baby I had been feeling grow for 9 months, on the other I was scared as to what was going to happen.
We were told we were first on the list but that they were really busy and a little under staffed so had to wait. I changed in to a gown and Ben in to his scrubs and at around 10 we went down to the theatre. Ben had to wait whilst I had the spinal block. This was what I was most nervous about, I have never felt as nervous and scared as I was when I was sat hunched over a pillow so they could get the best way in. The antithesis was so calming and put me to ease, all I felt was a strong prod in my spine and then suddenly was being lay down and it was working. I cant explain the relief of knowing I was able to witness my baby being born and having Ben be there by side too. He came in and sat by my head and everything went really fast, I was asked if I could feel anything and I couldn't, the sensation of having a C-section is very strange.

I felt his head come out, and said to Ben his head is out before they said and the midwife pushed Ben round the screen so he could see even though I was saying not to thinking it wouldn't look very nice seeing me cut open and this head emerging from my stomach. Then I felt very strong pushing from the doctor on my stomach as if trying to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste from the tube and suddenly he was born. It was 10.27. He was rushed past me in to the room next to us to get weighed and checked and he looked huge! He weighed a mighty 8lbs 14.5oz. Ben went through and changed him whilst I was being sorted out.

When I got in to the recovery room looking back now I was so high on drugs I was so happy. I was taking photos and just couldn't stop beaming at the most beautiful face in my arms. I facetimed my family showing them he had been born and that we were ok and I could see the relief in everyone's face that it all went so well. I remember thinking how long his fingers were, they were still blueish and white but they were beautiful. He had the littlest button nose and so much hair, just like his brothers with a strong ginger hue.

After the recovery room we went back to the room on the labour uite whilst we waited to go up to the ward, I started to get sick and definitely felt a come down from the drugs and adrenaline. I was still elated and so happy but could feel the toll of what I had just gone through. I put a top on and was cleaned up which felt great and made such a difference from after Charlie when I was days after a shower and covered in all sorts of bodily fluid.

We finally had time to sit and decide a name, we knew we wanted him to have Timothy as his middle name after Bens dad but all of our short listed names just didn't fit. We had Alfie, James and Henry fully expecting to have one of those but he just didn't look like it, we then moved on to our other favourites of Theodore and Samuel but neither of those fit either so we started panicking a little as to what we were going to name him. We wanted him to have a name before everyone came to meet him so we turned to the internet! Ben sat on his phone going through lists of baby names telling me the better ones and then he came across Oscar. It was never ever even suggested for either of our boys, it never came up and all of a sudden it fit. Its so odd to describe how a baby can look like a name but to us they do and Oscar fit, it did take me a good day to get used to it but I love it. Now thinking of the other names I couldn't imagine him as anything other than Oscar.

When we finally got on the ward I managed to get a bed by the window bed we rang my mum asking her to bring Charlie up to meet his little brother. We were going to wait until the evening to have all the family come and meet him and have the day for ourselves and for Charlie but when the time came we decided to get everyone round as everyone was so excited.

I was so excited to see how Charlie reacted to meeting Oscar, we had got him a couple of books to give him from Oscar and as soon as he walked in with a balloon he went straight to the cot and put his head in. He had never looked at a baby the way he was looking at Oscar it was beautiful and made me so emotional. He was great for the half hour it was just the four of us. Then all our family visited and were shocked of our name choice as they knew too that Oscar literally came out of the blue. It was a great afternoon.

Becoming a mum for a second time, experiencing the birth and meeting my little boy the emotions that come with it you just cant describe. For the whole couple of months you wonder how you could love someone as much as you love your first but you just do, they bring their own love as my mum says and its so true. They do, Oscar fits in to our family as if he was always there and we couldn't be happier. The whole experience of having Oscar was much calmer and I am so grateful for that.
We had him on the Friday morning and were out of hospital on the Sunday afternoon and had the most loveliest two weeks hibernating getting to know one another and find our new routine as a family of four.

Ill write about that weekend and those weeks in more detail in another post. I hope you enjoyed reading how Oscar came in to the world, let me know about your experiences, where they differed and where they were similar. However it happens, its the best experience of your life meeting and laying eyes on your baby for the first time.

Love Ellie x