It feels like only yesterday I was gearing myself up waiting for my elective C-section, waiting to meet my little boy and become a family of four. Today its his FIRST BIRTHDAY and I really cant grasp that he's been in our lives for a whole year.

Oscar filled a gap in my life that I didn't even know was there, taught me that my heart can love more than ever expected and has brought so much happiness to all of our lives every day. Hes a little ray of sunshine that never fails to make me smile and burst with pride.

From day one he's been such a super star, he sleeps through the night and is just a delight to be around. He's such a cuddler! He's so happy in your arms and will snuggle right in to you whilst sucking his thumb, he finds comfort through sucking his thumb and having a hug and I couldn't be more pleased with that. It's such a nice change from Charlie who as soon as he found his independence was off and you had to wrestle him for some affection but Oscar will sit for hours on your lap.

He knows what he wants and what he doesn't and has the best fiery temper I've ever seen which he definitely gets from his mother. He's stubborn and will squeal for things he wants but he's so cheeky that its hard to take him seriously. I can already tell that he will rule the roost when he's older and even though he's the younger brother he'll have Charlie round his finger before long.

At one year old Oscar is proudly saying 'Dada' and refuses to say 'Mama' in fact every time I try to get him to copy me he will only say 'Dada' and laugh at me. He practices taking more and more steps every day. He took his first steps on the 23rd of April a day after turning 11 months and even though he's faster walking he's slowly starting to trust himself more and is tackling further spaces on his feet. He's fully weaned and will eat anything you give him, he especially likes satsumas. He has 4 bottles a day and we are weaning him on to cows milk at the moment. He still has a dream feed at around 10/11 which we find helps him sleep through, his bedtime is at 7 with Charlie who he shares a room with and he wakes up about 8 in the morning so has a solid 12 hours a night. He naps for about an hour and a half at 10 and then has an afternoon nap at around 3 for the same amount of time.

Its hard sometimes not noticing those same little things that I had all the time to notice in Charlie. I struggle with the usual mummy guilt that he has too many hand me downs and that he doesn't get the attention he deserves. But when I do feel bad I remember that he still has my attention, that its equally split and they both feel loved and that's all that matters. Whilst Charlie is at nursery on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Oscar and I get a glorious couple of hours just the two of us and I love it. Its so nice just concentrating on him and it breaks my heart that I will lose those afternoons when he starts nursery in September. We decided that he will join at the same age Charlie was when he joined, I think he's already on the way to being ready so by the time his induction comes around he'll be more than ready. I worry because he's much more clingy than Charlie ever was and is, if he doesn't know someone he's very wary which is a good thing in one sense but I just hope he gets used to the people enough before we leave him that he settles in quickly.

Oscar is a little light in my life that I couldn't be without, I love him more than I could ever of imagined and every single day I love him a bit more. He has the best smile, the cutest cuddles and the sloppiest kisses and I'm so proud to be his mummy. Happy Birthday my beautiful boy!
Love Mummy xx