What they don't tell you about pregnancy.

This post was originally published on the 15th of January 2014 just before Charlie was born. Its definitely still true today which is why I wanted to rejuvenate it for you all. Enjoy.

Any day now little baby Robinson will make his appearance but until then I am sat around waiting, its awful. Everyone is telling me to enjoy the time to myself now whilst I can, and I am sure in a months time I will look back and think what was I thinking disliking the quiet but right now I AM BORED. (Oh to be bored again)

When I became pregnant I was so excited but soon became nervous, I had no experience of people around me being pregnant and had no idea what to expect over the next 9 months. Saying that every single pregnancy is completely different, even your own, so never expect any of the same symptoms or the same experience.

With it being my first pregnancy and really not having a clue as to how it would go its definitely been an eye opener! So I thought that I would give you all an insight into some things they don't tell you about when you become pregnant, and trust me you want to know this!

WARNING: One or two of these may be a bit personal and therefore a bit TMI. Maybe thats why they don't tell you but I am not going to be holding back.

#You become a porcelain doll.
Now this one of those bittersweet parts of pregnancy. With all of those loved ones around you excited and thinking of you, they care a hell of a lot more about things you do that before was never an issue. For example where you sit, before you would be fine and left alone to sit comfortably wherever you wanted, but now everyone will offer you their seat and wont stop until you move. Remember they are treating you this way out of love and would you really want them to treat you any different? But for myself being an independent person, its something I have found quite hard to deal with as you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings nor do you want to be rude. So politely tell them you are fine and if you do need anything you will be the first to ask and say. Just be prepared for having your every move watched.

#Sleepless nights.
They let you know about all those sleepless nights you will have when the baby arrives, but they never tell you that those sleepless nights start from day ONE! From needing the toilet in the middle of the night, insomnia and the pure fact of just being uncomfortable all the time, a full nights sleep is a thing of the past I'm afraid.

Obviously you are told about how tired you will be, and you obviously know you will be tired its a big thing this pregnancy malarkey! But you are never told just how tiring it will be. Its not your normal kind of tired either its an exhaustion just pure exhaustion for 9 months, and with those sleepless nights you are already getting its not going to get any better I'm afraid.

#Personal hygiene.
Lets just put it this way. As you get larger things become harder to reach and simple things become a very hard job to do. An appropriate example of this is painting your toe nails, or shaving your legs (amongst other things). I'm sure you never thought that one day this is a job you would be asking your partner to do for you, but I'm afraid ladies unless you pay for someone to do everything professionally and properly (there are specialised professionals for pregnant treatments) or you have a very willing sister you and your partner are going to become a hell of a lot closer.

#Toilet time.
Going to the toilet will never be the same again. Nothing more I need to say really, don't expect to go to the toilet as easily as you used to especially when you have a massive beach ball shaped baby bump where you used to have a normal sized stomach.

Don't expect to get all the symptoms that you are told about, you might not get morning sickness, you might not get heartburn, you might not gain weight. Then again you might, don't worry if its not like everyone told you it would be.

I thought that I would of had a lot more appointments than I have actually had. I've been so lucky to have a very straight forward pregnancy. He is happy and healthy in there and I am also happy and actually healthier than I was before I got pregnant. Therefore I have only needed 2 scans. I have although had 3 as we didn't know how far we were so we had one at 9 weeks, another at 12 as the actual dating scan and then the anomaly scan at 20 weeks pregnant. I always thought you had more but as everything has been ok I haven't needed anymore. I have although had the regular amount of midwife appointments which have also been a smaller amount than I thought you would get. With my second pregnancy I had two extra scans to check the babies growth.

#Pregnancy judgements.
I didn't realise how many things you will be judged on with decisions you make during pregnancy, and this worries me as he isn't even here yet. Remember every decision you make you have your own reasons for. Do not worry about others opinions if you don't want to breastfeed (which is something I have said I do not want to do and feel very judged for it) you don't have to. It is YOUR body, YOUR baby, therefore YOUR decision.

These are just a few of the things that have been a bit of a surprise throughout this pregnancy. If you can think of anything you didn't know about before you were pregnant let me know!
Remember that this is also just my experience and every pregnancy is completely different.

Love E xo