Off having a baby.

On the 25th of May I reach 40 weeks pregnant! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by and that my due date is next week.

You can read about our plans we have for our maternity leave here, but what you might want to read is the post I wrote on whether to have a VBAC or elective c-section here

For those of you who follow PATR you'll of noticed that I haven't told you straight the outcome of that decision yet. We decided to go for an elective c-section. After our growth scan and finding out that at 34+3 weeks, our baby was already 6lbs 2oz. The consultant told us that even if we did decide to go for a VBAC with him being such a big baby and myself being so little she couldn't really guarantee it would be successful. Along with other reasons of course we decided it would be the safer option.

We have our date in the diary that we are really happy with and only our immediate family know when that is. We want to be able to make the birth experience as normal as possible and by not telling everyone we can announce his arrival as a nice surprise instead of everybody knowing. It also gives us a little more privacy on the day to enjoy the experience more. 

I'm going to be taking a break from PATR whilst we settle in to having a new baby and will hopefully be back again on the 10th of June so pop it in your diaries. I will still be on my social media sites so make sure you are following me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM for photos and updates on the family. 

See you on the other side!