Bathtime fun with Munchkin

It wasn't until I bought two new bath toys for Charlie that I realised every single thing we use during bathtime was from the same brand. Munchkin. As I realised this I thought of how much we love each of the products and with that this post was born. All of these products I purchased myself and all opinions are my own, with a few from Charlie thrown in.

Charlie absolutely loves his bath time, he's always been great with water and for the past 6 months a bath every night is part of his night time routine. I wanted to make it a really fun place for him where he can have some play time with Ben and myself especially if we had been at work all day. With all toys that I buy for Charlie I try to get ones that will help his development in some way and Munchkin are great with this. 

For his birthday we bought him the bath letters, they are so much fun. As they stick to the bath (and to Charlie) he likes picking them off and putting them on again with the occasional chew inbetween. As he gets older it will be great to teach him words using these letters whilst he plays but at the moment he is learning to copy us making the sound of the letters. He's got 'H' and 'B' down to a t! The star fountain is probably my favourite, you need batteries but once in water with the face facing up it spins and squirts water out with flashing lights. Charlie just kept pulling it out of the water but it was such fun for those minutes he watched. 
The wonder waterfall is the latest addition to his array of toys you stack them together, pour water in to the top and let it fall through the toys, he loves watching it and helps us pour water in to the top one. 
Even the bath accessories are ones we love. The shampoo rinser is great as it molds to his head so water is prevented from going in to his eyes. Its all bright colours and stimulating for Charlie. I am so glad that we have found a brand that Charlie loves just as much as we do and thats the most important thing. I highly recommend buying Munchkin products for the bath, they certainly help making bath time fun.

You can shop the products we have below but if you would like to visit the Munchkin website you can click here.

Love, E xo
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  1. I'm not sure we have any of the Munchin bath products, but I'll get some in! Especially the shampoo rinser!! x

    1. He loves them, especially the shampoo rinser he puts as many of his toys in it as possible xx


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