The first phone call from heaven, Mitch Albom - Review

Looking for books to read I always check out bestsellers, book clubs and a good ol' youtube video never fails. So when I came across the first phone call from heaven I thought it would be a nice little read. Sometimes I get so in to an intense read that for my next book I like something a little less engaging that I can just pick up and enjoy and this book did just the trick.

the first phone call from heaven, Mitch Albom (link)

I wouldn't rush to recommend it, it was a slow one. But I did enjoy the story line and was intrigued as to what was happening.
Mitch Albom's book is all about a small town in America where residents start to receive phone calls from the deceased. Its all about whether it is real, whether it is a hoax and explores different relationships with each other and with religion.

I think if I was more religious there would be something more to discuss as it brought up a lot of questions throughout, but I like that the end message that I got at least was that you don't need proof to believe. Towards the end things got a little creepy which was a really good injection in to the final pages but made me a little on edge, you guys know I cant fully handle things like that.

Overall it was a good solid read and I did enjoy the slow gentle pace of it.
3.5 out of 5

Love, E xo
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