Taking a moment.

Over the past two weeks all of a sudden my baby boy seems to be my little toddler boy! I seem to have these weeks every now and again when I notice how much he has grown and developed and with heightened hormones and looking back at baby pictures I am really noticing the huge change in him.

I'm prompted to write this post today because for the first time Charlie walked up to me and gave me a kiss all on his own! Normally I have to ask for a kiss and he will give me one, he has his own special way of giving kisses, he comes at you with his mouth wide open bless him. But seeing him do this along with initiating cuddles and being picked up he really is showing an attachment to Ben and I that we've been waiting for since he learnt about independence at 6 months.

Hes also learning so much more every day, he is figuring his toys out quicker, learning how to work our phones better than we can and generally developing all of his little skills.

His getting steadier every day on his feet and when we take him to the park he will run away, generally in the opposite direction we want to walk. He LOVES to share, he will give you everything he has which is the cutest thing, so when we go out and hes finding this like twigs and leaves he will pick it up, have an explore of it and then give it to you with a huge smile. He gave Ben a pebble which Ben found in his pocket after Charlie had gone to bed and it made us burst with love for him.

His speech is getting better every day, he will talk in sentences in his own little language but he really knows what he is trying to say. Its funny to have a 'conversation' with him, he will speak let you reply and then speak again. I can't wait for his language to become understandable and have conversations with him.

Its nice to have these moments, to take a moment to see how much he is growing up. Soon his little brother will be here and I can't wait to see how he is with him. I'm sure that he will be the best big brother as he is already so thoughtful and caring. I love him so much, more every single day.

charlie giving me a kiss
Love E xo