So hes ginger.

There are two things that get mentioned when someone meets Charlie, either by family or strangers one of the two are mentioned without fail.

1. 'He does look like Ben'
2. 'Look at his hair' 

Yes if you haven't already noticed my sons hair colour is very much ginger and I love it.

Before I had Charlie I knew he would come out with auburn hair, mothers instinct. With it running in both sides of our family we knew that one of our children would have an auburn tint at least. 

Being a 'ginger' has such a stigma around it, and we often get people making sterotypical comments about it. I've had family members telling us to dye it one day and making fun that we have had a 'ginger' kid and it makes me really defensive. I hate that to some people Charlie is being defined by his hair in a negative way. 

However the majority of comments that we recieve especially from strangers are compliments. People tell me how gorgeous his hair colour is, and I agree with them. His colouring is rare and its incredible. I proudly tell people that my son has auburn hair and that I love it. In fact I'm a little jealous, I actually dye my hair so that it has tints of auburn. With his brown eyes and auburn hair he is absolutely beautiful and as he gets older and his hair changes I know he will be very handsome. 

Regardless of how it changes as he grows, whether it fades or brightens, I want Charlie to be proud of his hair colour, to look past his physical features and know that he is a beautiful person inside and out no matter what colour his hair is and what comments are made. He is no less of a person because of the way he looks. 

We live in a world that defines people by how they look and if you don't look 'right' then your made to feel somewhat less. You should never feel any less because of how you look, beauty is only skin deep. We both love Charlies hair colour it makes him unique in the best way, but we love Charlie regardless of his hair. We love him because of his little personality that shines through, his ginger hair is just an added bonus. 

Love E, xo
Do you have auburn hair? How do you feel about the way people judge others on the way they look? Let me know in the comments your thoughts.