Yesterday I realised that I was so close to hitting 10,000 views on this blog and was really surprised. I tend not to look at views too much, I write for writings sake and since starting the blog back up again I am really enjoying not putting any pressure on how well its doing. 10,000 is a number that I never really considered when I started writing this blog, but since hitting that goal today its hit me at how many times someone has clicked on to PATR.

I am so proud of what I am achieving through this space on the internet and not only have I met some amazing and inspirational people through blogging, I have found a way to express things that play on my mind in a productive way. 

Blogging has so many benefits, I wrote a whole post about it that you can read here. Its something that I've become really passionate about again and I am pleased that I have found my motivation in time for baby no.2 to arrive. 

The support that I have received whilst writing this blog is incredible and I couldn't be more grateful for everyone that clicks on to the site to read about our lives. Its nice to share the events in our lives as well as having a sort of online diary to look back on. I was recently asked about what baby books that I would recommend reading and cheekily replied with a plug for my blog as it was all in a post that I had written just after having Charlie (you can read that post here) I like that it keeps things I'd normally forget in one place, in one post that I can find for myself and others. 

Overall I just wanted to write a thank you to all my readers, whether you are a regular or whether you have come across to read a specific post, every time my blog is viewed that number increases and gives me a little bit more motivation to carry on this online diary. So thank you guys! 
I have some really good things popping up over the next month so make sure you are following me on either BLOGLOVIN' or TWITTER (click to be taken to each site) to keep updated on all new posts that come your way. 

LOTS of love, E xo