No.2 too soon?

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to have a big family of my own. I have two younger sisters and love having them as my best friends, they are all I had for a long time as my family is quite small. When I met Ben who is from a considerable larger family than my own I knew he was the one I wanted to share my life with, the person who I wanted to grow a family with. For us family is the most important thing, we settled down young due to the fact we had been childhood sweethearts and it felt right. We were engaged and moved in to our first home at 20, had Charlie at 21 and are married with a second baby due at 22 and we wouldn't change anything for the world.

After we had Charlie the plan was that we would wait until Charlie was a year old to start trying for another, we didn't manage to make the year. After nearly 9 months I noticed that I was feeling queasy and I just had a feeling that something was different, my period was only a couple of days late so we took a test. I left it in the bathroom to let Ben find out the result, he came through and told me that we were pregnant and we were both really shocked but again really happy. It may have been sooner than expected but it was something we wanted and time for us wasn't an issue.

Where I am trying to get to after all the rambling is that for us we are really happy with the age gap between Charlie and baby no.2. Its actually the same as Ben and his younger brother which I find really spooky. But when I tell people about the age gap I've been confronted with judgement and when talking about having more children in the future I am often greeted with comments about how mad I am.

Whether its the tone of voice, the common sarcastic phrase of 'good luck' that we always seem to get, only few people aside from family and friends seemed genuinely happy or pleased when we told them the news that we are having another baby so soon. We have even had a family member tell us we were 'idiots' and to this day hasn't made another comment. Its make us wonder why people are so negative about this. We know that having two under two will be hard work, but we are fully aware of this and are excited for the challenge. We know that children are expensive and being on a small wage it will be hard, but because we have kept a lot of stuff from Charlie we have a lot of what we need, we'll just make it work.

I know that most comments are made to be a joke, and that others are from experience. But why if from experience, are people putting us down? Shouldn't they be offering support and advice over negativity. Being pregnant is such a gift, expanding a family is an incredible thing so why isn't it celebrated as such? It's sad that today we are quicker to judge than we are to support and that is the reason why I wanted to write about this.
Adding to your family should be celebrated with as much enthusiasm and excitement as was given to your first pregnancy. I can not wait to expand my brood with no.2 due in May and hopefully more in the future and I hope that when/if the time comes that everybody I tell will give more of a positive reaction over a negative one.
There is never a 'right time' to do anything in life, especially a 'right time' to have a baby, its just works. Everything happens for a reason.

For us, baby number two couldn't come any sooner!

Love E xo
How big of a gap did you have between your children? Did you have a positive or negative reaction to baby number two? Let me know in the comments or over on one of the links below.