LittleLife Animal Daysack - Review

Now Charlie is steady enough on his feet to walk around in public, we decided it was time to put a bit of safety in to the equation with some reigns. The more he can walk the more he hates being restrained to his pram so we find it easier to get him out every now and again and let him walk around the shops or the park and with his new LittleLife animal daysack life is much easier.

I see some children with reigns that look like leads, and I must admit that so does this one a little, but how cute is his little bag! At the minute I find it easier holding on to the handle of bag for that bit of extra support if he stumbles as well as guidance as he tends to wander off wherever he likes.

The bag itself is the perfect size for his little body, it fits really well and will grow with him which is the best part. It comes with a buckle for his chest so that if we have to pull on the pack it supports him better. On the top of the pack there is a little zip in which is the cutest little attached hood that matches the design, great for the weather we get in the UK. 
So the pack isn't empty we normally put in a couple of little snacks that we would normally carry ourselves for Charlie. As he gets older and realises more of what the bag is he can choose what to carry himself and I love the independence of it. The bag is really well made and when I had to support him from a fall the bag was sturdy which is what is needed. 

At such a reasonable price for the amount of use we will get out of it I definitely recommend getting one for your little ones. You can also get matching items to go with the same design such as a little suitcase and lunchbox, things that I will definitely be purchasing soon. I can't believe my baby is grown up to be using this now but it looks amazing. I am much more at ease with the transition of pram to pavement knowing he is safe in his LittleLife day sack.

You can visit the LittleLife website here and check out all their great products and designs.

Love E xo
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