Charlies Easter Basket.

With Charlie still being so little he doesn't understand things such as Easter. But that doesn't stop me wanting to celebrate it with him and get him a little Easter Basket. I wanted to get him things that he would love excluding the traditional chocolate egg.
Hes still so little and because of that we tend to avoid feeding him naughty foods like chocolate. If we are having some near him we will share a little but until he is old enough to understand food better I'll avoid 'junk' food.

Therefore for his little basket this year I got him a teddy, in particular Leroy the Lamb and a book Peppers Easter Egg Hunt. Both of these I got from Sainsburys who had a great Easter range. I popped them in this basket that he got from last year and bought these little plastic eggs from Sainsburys. Before I give it to him I will put some of his favourite little snacks in them like yoghurt covered raisins and some raspberrys.

I can't wait until next year when Charlie will be old enough to go to Church and learn about why we celebrate at Easter. Its easy now a days to forget the real reason we celebrate things like Easter and Christmas and I think its important to teach Charlie about them when hes old enough.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend and get up to some great things.

Love E xo
What have you got planned for this weekend? What did you get for your little ones this Easter? Let me know in the comments and follow me over on the links.