Charles' First Shoes.

With Charlie taking his first unsteady steps we decided it was about time to go and purchase his first pair of proper shoes. For that we decided to go to the main place for fitting childrens shoes, Clarks.
They have a huge range of shoes in all sizes that fit both in length and width to give little ones the perfect fit. 

On January 10th, this little guy got his first pair of shoes and there wasn't a more proud set of parents in the shop than us!

We got our ticket and waited for a sales assistant to become available which didn't take any time at all, especially for a Saturday. We told him that Charlie was able to walk assisted with us holding his hand but was yet to be steady on his feet but we were hoping a pair of the right shoes would help. He measured Charlies feet in length and width and his first ever shoe size was 31/2 G. Because of how little his feet were he didn't fit perfectly into a pair of walkers but did fit perfectly in to a pair of prewalkers. I wanted a pair that would go with a variety of outfits and decided on a pair of navy ones. 

The sales assistant then checked they fit him right and made him take a few steps. He then went and got the camera to take a photo that as a parent I have been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant, his first ever shoes. He took a few and asked us to pick our favourite. He was a really nice guy and made the experience a whole lot nicer. He told us that Charlie was one of the best behaved babies he had ever fitted, I literally swelled with pride. At the till he accidently printed off two different pictures and gave us both, then deleted the pictures he had taken of Charlie in front of me to show me he had done them which I thought was nice.

Now a couple of months on, Charlie doesn't fit in his first shoes. They are in a great condition for the amount of use he got out of them, which was a lot as soon as he found his feet. They are now back in the shoe box put away in his memory box ready to take out and marvel at how little he once was in years to come.

I highly recommend Clarks, the service as well as quality is amazing and the price was also really reasonable. Even though Charlie currently has a couple of pairs of shoes from other retailers, some Rocha Runs included, I look forward to taking him back to Clarks to get him fitted again.

Love, E xo
You can visit the Clarks site here and look for your local shop here.

Where did you get your childs first pair of shoes and what were they like? Let me know in the comments and follow me on the links below.