Charles at 15 months

Its crazy to see how much Charlie is growing up, all of a sudden he is becoming more like a little boy over being a baby boy and now its time to put together his 15 month post.

Since his first birthday, which only seems like yesterday, hes developed leaps and bounds. He took his first steps on the 13th of January and now hes actually running around! He is so steady on his feet that its easy to forget when the only way he could get around was by his weird little crawl shuffle. We love to play 'going to get you' and as soon as he even hears the tone of voice his face explodes in to a smile and he runs off, unless he knows hes trapped and he runs at you. Its the best game to play.

His speech is increasingly getting more and more legible. His newest word is 'Pepper' not only will he say it to Pepper the dog but he also says it to the televison when Peppa Pig is on. His favourite book at the minute is the Peppa Pig one we got him for Easter (you can see what else we got him here), the other day whilst watching Peppa he got off the sofa went and got his book, pointed at Peppa and said Peppa over and over again. I was in shock at how much he understood.
He will have conversations with you now in his own little language and whereas before it would be a continuous stream now its broken in to words. I can't wait until those conversations aren't so one sided anymore and I can understand what he is really trying to tell me.

His clothes are starting to get smaller and I've noticed a difference in his height, I used to have to bend down a little when holding his hand now I'm stood straight and his arm is a little bent.
I can see him growing up so fast and being able to spend all my time with him is amazing. He's learnt how to give kisses and will constantly come to you for them, my favourite is right before bed when Ben picks him up he will lean down to give me a huge smooch.

I can't believe that in three months time when it comes to writing his next post he will have a little brother. Life will be so different for him and I pray every day that he copes well with the change.

Charlie, every day you make me burst with love for you. I love our days together, our mornings snuggling on the sofa, our adventures. You are growing in to a beautiful, clever little boy and watching this happen makes me the happiest Mummy in the world.

Love, Mummy xo