6 months married.

On the 11th of this month Ben and I will of been happily married for half a year. And what an amazing half a year it's been.

feb '12

Being together for as long as we have 6 months feels like nothing at all, but that's not stopped us from kicking married life off with a bang! We secretly knew we were expecting baby no.2 when we got married, so a month later it was exciting to break the news to all our family that we were expanding our brood. It was a great way to start our married life together knowing our family was going to be growing.
feb '14

With it being Charlies first Christmas and his first birthday in January the winter months have been a blur of events and I don't feel that we slowed down at all from October through to April. Life has been crazy as Charlie and the bump have grown. Ben has picked up so much of the daily running of the house and taking care of Charlies bedtime which I struggle with being so big now. He looks after us all so well and I can never thank him enough.

march '15

Through the months we have made sure to have at least a monthly 'date night'. Being happily married is something that is really important to us, and we cant be that unless we take time for ourselves as a married couple away from being parents. He is my everything, hes an incredible husband and I love being married to him. We joke about getting married again as we miss the planning of the wedding, something we didn't think we would say in the run up to the big day. We hope to spend our anniversary in London, just the two of us, for a couple of days as its a place that holds a lot of memories for us.

I look forward to our forever and this is just the start. 6 months in and happier every day.

oct 11th 2014

Love E xo