One year on.

In some ways it only feels like yesterday that I wrote THIS post about Charles' birth, in other ways it feels like he has been here forever. In the week running up to his first birthday I spent the whole week off work spending time with my little one and got emotional at least twice every day. He is growing up so fast toddling around chatting away.

He took his first steps two weeks before his first birthday and now at 13 months he is so steady on his feet he's actually running. Its hard running around after him, especially with an expanding bump but he is slowly starting to learn the word 'no' and always checks where I am before he walks off in to another room.

His speech is coming on thick and fast and his list of words is expanding nearly every day. His favourite word by far is 'CAT' he says it loud and laughs because we all find it funny at how he says it. The other day he was feeling poorly and wouldn't sleep so we brought him in to our room for a little bit, we knew he felt better once he started saying the word to get us to laugh. He can say our names as well as 'Pepper' he loves responding to his name with 'What'. 'Yea' and 'No' are also being said often as well as 'Hello' which is making an appearance.

I can see him developing every day learning lots of new things and its amazing to watch. He comes and puts his arms up so we can have a cuddle and once hes had a quick cuddle and kiss he wriggles off to play again which is adorable. Hes such a placid, happy baby and I couldn't be more proud of his little personality and how much he loves to smile at people.

For his first birthday, which fell on a saturday, we had our close family and friends round for some cake and it was a really nice afternoon. Wanting to do something special to celebrate his first year I decided to make a picture wall full of photos from the day he was born right up to his birthday. It was a huge success and everybody loved it, I'm going to do it every year so that as they get older they can see what they have done in the year and see for themselves how much they have grown. As well that reason, we have our favourite photos from the year printed off and stored away in his memory box so he can see what he looked like at what age when hes really grown up and curious.
Here are a few of our favourites from that selection (I won't add them all as I printed off over 50!!).

Its crazy to think my little baby is now a year old, I love him more and more every day and can't describe in words how much that is. He's my best achievement so far and I am so proud that he is my son. Happy first year of life Charles.

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Ellie xo

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