Hes asleep, GO GO GO!

When you become a parent for the first time you realise how much you have to plan every little thing in your lives around your baby. From the obvious to the less so.
Now Charlie is 14 months we are in a really good routine that we are all happy with which is great timing with a little one about to arrive, but we are really pleased with how things are at the moment.

When I'm not at work Charlie wakes up normally anytime between half 7 and half 8 (I know I'm super lucky) we'll have his morning milk and breakfast on the sofa and then play for about 2 hours, by which time, like clockwork, he shows signs hes ready for his nap.

Que, the hour to two hour rush of getting everything I need to do done!

Once he's awake we have lunch and get on with whatever plans we have for the day whether thats playing around the house, meeting someone for the afternoon, going in to town, going to stay and play or his swimming lessons. When I'm with him I want to make the most of our time together so housework takes a firm back seat. When Ben gets home at 4 its his turn to spend time with Charlie so I'll either try and get some tidying done or because I'm so far along now, go for a nap!
Dinner, bath and bed is anytime between half 5 and half 7 and then its time to relax.

So with such a jam packed day of spending time with my bubs and my hubs the only time I get for me is that sacred time when hes asleep!

The best thing I've found with his nap time is to plan and prioritize! I'll know what needs doing and put it in order or what I have to do without him, what I can do whilst hes eating lunch, and what can be left for another time.

  • Some days I take the best advice I've ever been given and sleep when the baby sleeps. This pregnancy is hitting me hard now I'm in my last trimester so the only thing I can physically get done is to catch some zzzzzzz myself.
  • Other times I'm rapid, doing the washing, the hoovering, the sweeping, any washing up thats been left and if by the time thats done hes still asleep, a quick shower wraps it all up.

It depends on what we have planned for the day.

  • If we have to be out the house for the afternoon I'll prioritize having a shower and getting myself ready, getting Charlies things ready and making lunch so as soon as hes awake, dressed and fed we can go. 
  • But the thing I most enjoy doing in those minutes that are all mine is to spend them doing exactly what I feel like doing, whether thats reading my book, having a bath, writing a post, catching up on my sky planner or even just wandering around the house. That time for 'me' is sometimes what gets me through the rest of the day. 

With the addition of another little one I know that life will change all over again and myself and Ben are so excited to see how he will fit in and change things. I know some things that I see as priority now will move down the list in to the group 'it will get done when it gets done' and thats how things should be when you have children. Time with them is more important than dusting the mantle piece or putting the clothes away. If theres dust, there are his little finger prints that remind me of how little he is/was, if the clothes are in piles on the floor its even quicker to grab things we need.

Nap time is such a great time to get things done but its also a great time to catch some well deserved 'me time'. Do you have any tips on how to make the most of nap time? What you make priority? Let me know in the comments.

Love E, xo