Choosing the perfect name.

When choosing our favourite names when I was pregnant with Charles I put so much importance on choosing the perfect name. We had already decided that we wouldn't decide on his name until he arrived and we met him, we wanted to see what he looked like.
His middle name 'John' was picked out long before I got pregnant as I wanted him to be named after my Grandad, so anything we choose had to go with that. Bens middle name is James and its a name that I really love, I was convinced my whole pregnancy that the baby would be named James even though Ben wasn't a fan of it. His favourite was Charles, I did love it but James was my favourite. When Charlie came and I looked at his little face he was immediately a Charles and that is what we named him. After some time I realised that the stress I had put on myself was silly, his name was him and it would be weird to call him anything but.

Now pregnant again I have my favourite boy names on hand, I still love James and also really like William. Ben doesn't like either. We have choosen his middle name which is something close to us so anything we choose again has to match but this time we aren't putting as much stress on the name. The other night we found a name we both really love and I believe that as it was choosen in the exact same circumstance as Charles that we might end up naming the baby this, but we will have to wait and see.

I came across this amazing tool the other day on a great parenting website Emmas Diary. When entering a name it tracks the trend from the 1900s and beyond the year now. I absolutely love seeing how Charles and Charlie have trended and even had a look at my own and Bens. I was really surprised at when our names were most popular and when they came in to fashion. For example with Charles and Charlie they were both more popular at different times.
Charles has been more or less the same throughout the years dipping slowly in trend whereas Charlie has sky rocketed since 1984.

Its a great little tool when thinking of baby names, but its also great to just have a look at for yourself.
If you want to check out the baby trend results you can visit the link here. I definitely recommend you do.

Love, E xo 

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