2015 - the best is yet to come

Now I know that its March and we are already well and truly in to 2015 but I still wanted to write about all the things that I am looking forward to this year. 2012 was an amazing year for myself and my family, so much happened and we were all just happy for the whole year. 2013 was equally as great and 2014 just went by in a blur of becoming parents and getting married. 2015 I feel is going to be another 2012, there is so much planned that I am so excited for.

This didn't disappoint, with my baby's first birthday I was super excited to plan his party and celebrate his first year of life. We were also having our 20 week scan at the beginning of Jan and found out we were having a boy!!

Ben's birthday being right at the beginning of Feb we always plan something really nice to do, this year Charles and I spoilt him rotten with lots of presents and a day out to Leicester. We borrowed a car for the day which made the day even better as we had much more freedom.
Valentines day was another event I was looking forward to, we don't really celebrate it normally but we still like to get each other a card, a little love token and plan something nice for the day.

Another opportunity for us to see our little one as we have a growth scan booked in right at the beginning. Its also a month to start getting all the stuff that we need for baby no.2 which makes it even more real and exciting by each new thing.

My littlest sister turns 16 this month and I am so excited for her. Shes growing up into such a beautiful young lady and I love watching her teenage years through the eyes of a big sister that spent her teenage years as quite a handful. She is having a garden party (weather permitting) and I can't wait to attend.
We also get to see our little one again with our last growth scan, this is also the month we decide whether to go ahead with an elective c-section or try for a natural birth. I'm taking 3 weeks annual leave before my maternity leave offically starts so April really will be the beginning of the end of my pregnancy before we meet no.2 in May,

NO.2 IS DUE. I am so excited to meet our newest addition, nerves are always settling in and I am more worried and anxious over this birthing experience than I was when I was pregnant with Charlie.

My other little sister turns 21 this month. I seriously don't know where time is going as I see them get older. She is graduating university with whats set to be a great grade and I couldn't be more proud of her and everything she has achieved.

This is the one month where I am nothing at all planned. I am although excited for July as its becoming a month full of sun and summer and that is something I couldn't be more excited for. We will hopefully be settling down in to being a family of five with Pepper included. My sisters will be finished with their education and my mum finishes her job at the end of June so I can tell July will be full of fun family days.

We are hopefully all packing our bags and heading down to visit my family in Devon. We haven't had a full family holiday in such a long time and having been used to visiting them twice a year I miss it. With the addition of Ben and two babies I am excited to see the change in the dynamic which we are all so used too. It will be Charlies first time at the seaside and I can't wait to see what he is like with the sand and the sea and look forward to watching everyone else share that experience with us.

My birthday month. I am a big lover of my birthday and always have been. As soon as September rolls around I start counting down the 19 days until my big day and then spend the rest of the month feeling lost.
This year I will hopefully (money permitting) going back to college part time. Its a one night a week course to start of my training to become a counsellor, which is something that I really want to do in life. I can't wait to get my foot on the ladder and start.

My mum turns 50 this month and is planning a huge party! I am so excited for her. I am looking forward to seeing how Charlie will be at her party as he will be 21 months old and definitely will be busting out the moves hes already previewing now. It will be great to see family and old family friends that we wouldn't normally see.
It is also mine and Bens first year anniversary and I am really looking forward to our plans to go to London for a couple of days. Its a place that we have been visiting every year since we were 17 and this year we are planning on staying for 3/4 nights when normally we only stay one and jam pack as much in as possible. We have plans to go to a show as well as re do some of the big attractions such as the London Dungeons as we haven't been since it moved to by the Eye. We are unsure whether we are going in Oct or November as we want to try and catch a game of American Football when they come over at that time of year.

I always get excited this time of year as with Halloween the end of Oct, leading on to Bonfire night, Christmas really is on its way. I'm excited to see what Charlie and No.2 will be like at 22 and 6 months and get them ready for the exciting times of Christmas.

CHRISTMAS!! I have no more to say on the month. Everything to do with Christmas excites me, even more so now that I have babies. Charlie will be so much more aware of what is going on and I look forward to taking him to Church to learn all about the reason why we celebrate. Watching his little face on Christmas morning is and getting to spend the holiday with Ben and our little ones is precious. I will still be on maternity leave so will get to make the most out of the time I have before I go back to work.

I am sure if I gave you a penny for each time I wrote the word 'excited' or 'exciting' in this post I would be very poor, but it just goes to show how much potential this year has for being the best yet! Instead of wishing away the year I am cherishing every moment of it and hope to document it all. Life is for living and I want to make sure that every year is better than its previous so hope to write a similar post to this in 2016. But for now I will get back to my fun filled year and hope that yours is set to be just as great!

Ellie xo