The best day of my life.

After too long away from this space on the internet I have found myself thinking of many different post ideas and have came across situations and events that I want to document in the way that I used to. I miss sitting and writing and getting everything out and with more time on my hands now that I am not working as much I am hoping to get back to a place where I am putting much more on here.

To start that off I thought I would share with you all some of the pictures from mine and Bens wedding day. It was definitely one of the best days of my life and I have some of the best memories surrounding the whole event. We decided to go away with very few of our family and very close friends to a place that we both love in the Cotswolds. We have been there before and decided it would be the perfect intimate day to celebrate our wedding with those we love the most.
Everyone got to spend time chatting to other family members and it was nice to spend time with one another throughout the day which is something that was really important to us. You see these huge weddings where the bride and groom are always on other sides of the room saying hello and thanking members of the family that are only invited on the request of someone else, we never wanted that. It was the perfect day for us and we couldn't of planned it any better. Here are some of our favourite pictures.

Thank you all for bearing with me, can't wait for many more posts to come.
Ellie xo