A little update.

It seems so strange to be writing in this box again after months away from it. Between going back to work and spending time with my family blogging has been something that has been pushed to the back of my mind that is already full of everything else I need to do in the day. Forever wishing there was more hours in the day.
But even though things have been rather hectic and busy lately writing this blog and documenting milestones in my family has been something fighting its way back in to the priority part of my mind and with that I have some news.

Pepper and the Robinsons is getting a makeover!! 
I will be shutting the doors for a few weeks for the grand re opening in January just in time for Charlies first birthday. This time around I will be much more relaxed on the whole posting at certain times on certain days. One of the main reasons I started this space of the internet was to give myself some me time and document the things that Charlie accomplished and I don't want that to stop.

While we are on the subject of documenting and update I have another piece of news to share with you all.

Baby Robinson Number TWO is on the way!!
Yep, Charlie is going to be having either a little brother or sister in May and we couldn't be happier. But much more of that in January.

I hope you can bare with me a little bit longer and get as excited as I am for the relaunch next year!
Love to you all,
Ellie x