Writing for writings sake.

Sometimes I really struggle with inspiration and motivation to write a blog post. I can go for a whole week without writing a thing sometimes whilst sometimes I can write post after post and get a good amount done in a day. It is in these dreaded days of writers block that I think of ways in which I can get myself back in the groove and write some killer pieces.
I find that if I am lacking inspiration I can write some really bad posts that hopefully you guys never get to read, I can start posts that have sat in my draft folder for weeks and I can sit at an empty page thinking of how I may as well shut down my blog. It can be so hard to carry on writing sometimes. This blog was created to capture memories and thoughts to share with you and myself in years to come, and when I started I didn't realise how hard it would be. Not only do I have to think of ideas I have to write them, take photos, add in links all before I publish. Then I have to social network the hell out of it to get it out there and known, because what is the point of writing with an audience in mind if there is no audience. I may as well write a private online diary. I can spend hours and hours of a day researching, writing notes, taking pictures, thinking of ideas and networking but why? Blogging isn't my full time job, its not even my part time job, its a hobby. So why am I spending so much of my day to day life revolving around it?

Because I love it. I love writing, I love it when a post comes together and I love the creative outlet this blog has. The fact I can look on a label and re read my birth story or when I introduced you all to Charles is amazing and I love looking back already at all of the things we have done. Not only that but I love sharing with you his developments, I am so proud of him and what better way to brag about my baby than to tell the world?

Its hard keeping a blog running. Ben moans on days where I am inspired and sit on the laptop writing, and I can tell he gets a little impatient when I ask him to help me take photos, but I will get the occasional text saying he enjoyed a post and that makes it worthwhile. Its when people who I know only as an acquaintance, strangers or just people I don't speak to anymore tell me that they read a recent post or read my blog regularly in passing. I get really shy and remember that this online diary IS on the internet and people ARE reading it, but its an amazing feeling. I have met some incredible people through the blogging community that I am so glad to now have in my life if only over the internet and I would never of had the opportunity to have found them if I hadn't of started this little piece of the internet.

I am currently in a bit of a block and nothing is coming to me, luckily I am a couple of weeks ahead with my posts so all is not lost. With going back to work and the wedding fastly approaching my mind is full of things that just don't work with writing a post 3 times a week. So I thought I would just write for writings sake and let you all know some of my feelings towards what is one of the greatest things I have done. I don't regret starting this blog and I work so hard to keep it going and making it better each week, the rewards are finally really started to hit me and I will not give it up. Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration and motivation and when I get those back you'll be the first people to know (and probably read a post about how I got it back).

Lots of love, Ellie.