Making an effort.

Since becoming a mum I've noticed that my usual beauty/fashion routines have taken not just a back seat but seem to have left the vehicle. I've never been on for slapping on a load of make up or would even class myself as fashion forward but I definitely have my own little style and now that seems to have disappeared.

Its hard finding time to get yourself looking ready to a good standard, some days I don't even have time to eat let alone curl my hair or do a whole contour. But today as I am going out later I decided I was going to make an effort so instead of rushing around trying to get as much housework done as I can in the time of Charlies naps I decided to spend longer in the shower, actually apply some make up and do something better with my hair other than they easy go to top knot.

Its not about making yourself up, its about making yourself feel confident in your own skin. And for me putting an effort into my appearance gives me an added confidence that is well and truly needed at the moment. I know Ben will love me no matter how I wake up but it's nice to make an effort for him as well, we are so young and I don't want to turn into a frump before my time. It feels so good to feel a little bit pretty and I can tell you its definitely put a spring in my step today. I can't wait for Ben to get home and show him that I've actually made an effort. Instead of going out in a baggy top and skinnys with a bare face, I'm wearing a bright pink jumper and a matching lip! I've even gone as far as accessorizing with some rings and a chunky necklace.

Obviously this isn't all that practical on a normal day. I kiss Charlie way to much to be able to wear a lipstick, he pulls on everything he can get his hands on and sends straight into his mouth so hair down and necklaces are a no no and that nice jumper is too good to get sick, slobber and mashed up swede on.

Being back to work will make me make an effort more than the once fortnight, and I am really looking forward to that. It will be nice to get my normal beauty/fashion style back instead of being that Mum that let herself go. Every women should make an effort once in a while and trust me whatever you end up doing, you'll feel a million dollars!

Thank you to Ben for taking these pictures of me, and telling me when he got home "You look nice"