Book Review: The Antenatal Group

So this is quite a late review as I actually read this in the month before having Charlie which was 7 months ago now. But I just had to include it. As some of you may know I didn't go to any antenatal classes when I was pregnant, Charles is my first born so the whole birthing situation was a scary thought. Seeing this in the kindle store I thought it would be a good read being 9 months pregnant and having baby on the brain. 

I really enjoyed this book and I would love to read a sequel I just wanted more of all of the characters. I connected with each one even though they were all from completely different parts of life, and thats what I loved about this book. Each person was different, each birthing situation was different and it was so great to read about lots of different experiences. Amy Bratley, did so much research for this book and she says in her acknowledgements that she used anecdotes from her friends which I think is a nice touch. Every pregnancy is so different and it is shown in full extent here which is brilliant going into the last few weeks of a pregnancy. 
And that is why I definitely recommend this great feel good book.

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The Antenatal Group

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