Benefits of blogging.

I feel like a bit of a child writing that title about why it is the 'best' but it really is. Blogging has so many different advantages and I thought that I would let you all in on the secrets of the blogging community.

I started blogging to document things in our lives, especially at the time the upcoming birth of Charlie. It took me a while to find my blogging groove and I'll admit I still don't feel like I am there yet as it is ever changing. But there is so much about blogging that I love and so much that I feel is so beneficial.

Blogging is essentially writing, and writing is one of the best ways of therapy. Its no secret that since having Charlie I have suffered with PND and I'm still suffering with anxiety and I've found that writing through this blog has really helped get a lot of my emotions out. Its helped to talk about things that have been in my head and given me something to concentrate on that isn't completely baby related. Not only has the actual writing been great but through other peoples blogs where they have talked about their experience I have met others that have gone through the same things I have and I can't begin to tell you how much that has helped. I came across a really interesting article about the advantages of blogging which you can read here, it made me realise how truly beneficial writing is.

The community itself is a great thing to be part of. I have met some incredible people whose lives I follow through their blogs as well as through chatting to them on other social media platforms. People are friendly and supportive and its great to meet people that you have things in common with that live far away, who you would never have met otherwise. It has also been brilliant for me to meet people through the computer and talk and get advice from without having the anxiety of meeting people face to face.

Being an online diary is although the better part about it, that is essentially why you sit and write. Whether its through pictures or posts, recipes and diys you are creating an online scrapbook of your life. I really look forward to looking back on this in years to come with Charlie and showing him the things we have got up too, how he grew up and what he achieved and when. It is definitely an advantage of the technology development that I can have all of my pictures and memories in one place. And its not just me that can read this, but family also can read my update posts on Charles and see how he is growing, see what we get up too and find out things about us that we maybe wouldn't talk about in normal conversation. I love the aspect of writing out our lives.

All in all blogging has been and continues to be a really good thing for me, I love writing and what better way than to write and document our lives? If someone said to me 'Should I start a blog?' my answer would be a firm and definite YES.