Weaning made easy.

As Charlie is now officially of weaning age Ben and I are looking into how we are going to tackle this new adventure. Since Charlie has been over 4 months we have been testing him out on lots of different purees. I really wanted to try and make them myself but I find that with the amount he ate it and our on the go lifestyle it was much easier to buy the pooches, organic of course! I can tell you he LOVES carrot!

From before having Charlie I was really interested in Baby Led Weaning and wanted to give it a real good research before I decided whether this would be best for all of us. But as he was doing so well on the puree and it was fitting in well with our routine I wanted to try and find a balanced approach so off t'library I went.

There I found this amazing book which is titled 'Weaning Made Easy' and I've got to say that its been such a help!It has 3 parts and talk all about traditional puree feeding, baby led weaning and a balanced approach, it includes the stages of weaning with plans, recipes, snack ideas and lots of tips and then it talks about fussy eating and common problems.

The best thing about this book is that it includes everything! It even talks separately about breast and bottle feeding which I love as it doesn't give judgement. The tips are really helpful, the recipes are easy and the planners are easy to understand and follow. Starting from four to six months it goes all the way to what you can feed your toddler which I think is really helpful and great as its only a small book.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone starting weaning as it gives so much information about how to start this new adventure with your little one.


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