Summer brights with Barry M

Summer is here and it is not disappointing us so far! I love all of the colours that summer has to offer, the bright shades that blossom our flowers always manage to lift our moods. Another thing that I love about the bright shades of the summer are all of the amazing new colours that come out in to stores, from clothes to accessories to nails! 

As some of you may know especially if you've been reading my blog for a while, I love having my nails painted. Its the one beauty related thing I haven't let slip since having Charlie and I really enjoy spending some quiet mummy time giving myself a nice manicure. As well as this little fact about me, as some of you may also know I love Barry M polishes and I am currently lusting after some seriously nice shades. But whilst I am lusting I have these beauts to keep me entertained and entertained I am! 

These four shades really are the best of the summer brights and I am really enjoying the bold pops of colour to my nails. They go really nicely with a tan (another bonus of the summer months) and as always apply really nice and last a good while. My absolute favourite at the moment is the shade Passionfruit, its been a staple on my tootsies since I purchased it weeks ago and is a really nice corally red shade. The blue is another of my favourites and even my father in law complimented me on it. Here is what they look like on with a little love about each one. 

A great pop of electric blue that really stands out.

 This shade of green is a real bold block of colour and goes really nicely when your wearing cream/white.

This purple shade may not be as bright as the others but its such a nice bold purple that I thought would go lovely in this summer post. 

Taking a little time in the evening to do something for me is such a great way to de-stress and I really am loving these cool colours which make me feel like I really am still down with the cool kids. 

Love Ellie, 
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  1. Beautiful colours! I'm an absolute Barry M addict myself so I love checking out their new colours! Have you tried sugar apple and blueberry from the gelly range?

    Love your blog, just followed you on bloglovin. :)

  2. Awh thank you! They are the only polishes that I buy, I have sugar apple but I much prefer huckleberry. I don't have blueberry I will have to go and have a look :)xx

  3. Great colours! They suit your tidy fingers so well! I love Barry M <3 Such a worthy brand and I am glad you dedicated a post to it!

  4. I know I can't help myself whenever I am in boots or superdrug I always end up walking out with a polish. Thank you hun :) xx


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