Book Review: Mad About The Boy

How dare she kill of Mark Darcy?!!? Thats all I thought whilst reading the latest Bridget Jones. I mean as soon as the book hit the shelf spoiler alerts were thrown out of the window as everybody just had to know that Helen Fielding had killed off one of the best things about Bridget Jones.
I am a massive fan of Bridget Jones, not just the books but the films as well are classics. I love the british aspect of the 30 something Bridget, her friends and her love faux pas. So when news came out that another was going to grace our book shelves I was super pleased. After only just having Charlie and not reading a book in what felt like forever (in reality it was only a couple of weeks) this book got me out of my funk and plopped me right in front of my kindle again.

I will be honest, this follow up is not as good as either of its predecessors. I felt that is was a bit forced, the story just wasn't right. Firstly no Mark Darcy, need I say more? Bridget with two kids just didn't work and was just portrayed as a bad mum, but that is her character isn't it, shes a bit here and there, not a stay at home mum. The story just didn't sit right with me, I didn't like that she was now skinny and stylish, I didn't like that she was dating someone so young, I just wasn't a fan. I felt like she was no longer the woman that so many women relate to which is what makes it what it is, it really disappointed me.

I really feel like this book needn't of been written, we were all quite happy knowing she had her Darcy and they were going to live happily ever after. We didn't need to know that they didn't. Only because its 'Poor old Bridget' I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

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