7 months old.

Another month has passed and my little pumpkin is now a whole 7 months old. He changes everyday and I just can't keep up with all of his developments. With still only two little teeth he is now on to lumpier food and is taking to it really well, he is hardly choking anymore which is brilliant and I can't wait for him to be on proper solid foods. 
He is so close to crawling that I would go as far as saying he has his own way of moving across the floor. He gets up onto all fours and has the leg action going but just can't seem to take the plunge and move his little chubby arms. 
'DA DA' is the word of the month and he can't stop saying it, its so cute to imagine that he is calling Ben but obviously he doesn't understand that yet. We are powering through with baby sign language but he is yet to pick anything up, however we are only in week two so we have another 4 weeks until he should be getting it. 
My little newborn is definitely now a chubby baby and I love him more everyday. He smiles at me when I smile at him and his face in the morning when I go in to him is priceless. I have started to really look forward to him getting older, more aware and further developed instead of being sad that he isn't a tiny thing in my arms anymore. Instead hes a chunk, but hes my chunk and I love him!



  1. Oh he is so cute Ellie! Look at that little face on the bottom right, awwww!!

    I'm glad it's going so well :) I'd love to know when he properly crawls, but his crawl at the moment sounds mega adorable!

    My friend has a two year old who's properly started running around and chatting - it's so nice to see! Bet you can't wait for that part! :)

    Hazel Jane xx

  2. Thank you, he had just woken up. His face goes all swollen when he sleeps bless him!
    I'll keep you updated, it is so interesting watching him go, he must work off some serious energy. I cant wait for him to grow up but I miss him being little, I cherish these moments whilst look forward to the future. Time goes so fast that it will come around before we know it bless him. xxx


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