Where we are so far: Wedding plans

Sometimes I don't have the perfect post to update you all on how our lives are going, because of this I have created a series called Where we are so far, where I will update you on all things PATR, this first being on our wedding. As you all know this year I am going to become Mrs Robinson, and I can not wait. Ever since myself and Ben got together all of those years ago (childhood sweethearts) I knew he was the one that I wanted to marry, have babies with and grow old with. Having my own family is something that was always a dream of mine and is really important to me.
In the past month or so we have really stepped up our plans for the wedding and I am getting more excited every day. We have now confirmed our date of the 11th of October of this year and have confirmed our venue for afterwards a place called The Clothiers Arms. We are travelling to the Cotswolds with immediate family and friends for the ceremony and will stay there for a week for our honeymoon. It is such a special place for us both and I am so pleased that it is where we are going to become man and wife. 

My dress is purchased so the diet starts tomorrow as I always say. I have gone for something a little different and have actually chosen a typical bridesmaids dress in silver with gold and silver bead detailing. I really like it and it fitted into my budget perfectly. I can't wait to get Charles' little suit, he will nearly be 9 months by then so I am hoping that he will be standing up or even walking (fingers crossed), I want to get him something grey or silver to match my dress and Ben's suit which will be grey as well, I also want to make sure that its formal but comfortable, I hate looking at babies that are in little suits that firstly don't fit properly and secondly ride up and look really uncomfortable. 

The invites have been sent out and I love them. I used a template from Optimal Print and was really pleased with the outcome. 

For now I shall conclude this Where we are so far: with a promise of many more wedding themed posts!

Love, Ellie.
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  1. Many Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding Ellie! Love your blog too and I have to say getting married was the best thing I ever did as well as having a baby of course! I'm doing a post soon on my wedding as it's our 4 year anniversary end of this month. It can be stressful organising a wedding but remember it will all come together on the day. Lots of love Bella & Baby Jay xx

  2. Awh I look forward to reading it, I just can't wait for the day now. Its definitely been a long time coming. Bless, baby Jay is the CUTEST thing! xx


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