Pepper's Book Club: We Were Liars

I love a good recommendation and I love watching youtube videos, so when one of  my favourites EssieButton did a collaboration with BooksandQuills I went crazy on my amazon account and ended up purchasing most of the book featured. 

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart was one of those purchases. I will admit I didn't love this book as much as I thought I would. I think it was because of how it was actually written. I loved the plot but thought that it could of been written in a much better way but then it fits in with the troubles of the main character Cadence so I understand why its the way it is. 
The story is about a family that holidays each summer on their private island, we know that something is wrong with Cadence known as Cady as she is unwell and we slowly discover throughout the book that it has something to do with an accident that happened on the island when her and her three friends were 15. I knew that something wasn't quite right throughout the story and was really happy at the end when it all came out. 

Its an amazing read that keeps your turning the pages to find out everything that happens. It has everything you need in a good story as it has suspense, thrill, old money, love and hate. It shows the dark side of the bond between a family something which I particularly loved.

Definitely a good read! Don't forget to let me know of any book recommendations you might have as I do love a good book. If you have read, are reading or going to read this book let me know in the comments, or even tweet me!!
You can watch the collaboration video here and see if you buy as many books as I did. You can purchase We Were Liars here on amazon. 

Love Ellie, 
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  1. I have seen a lot of reviews for this book and I am not so sure about it anymore. A lot of people have said they love it, but then again a lot of people say it was disappointing. Your review makes it seem like an okay book. I don't know if I will try it or not yet.

  2. I can see both sides, I enjoyed it but I wouldn't read it again like I would other books. The only downside is that way it is written, its quite childlike but I would definitely give it a go. Its such a short book that it wont take up so much of your time if you don't like it xx


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