Documenting a moment.

Sometimes I look at pictures of my parents with me when I was a baby and have wondered what they were thinking. Becoming a parent I can now only begin to imagine just how they felt.
I am writing this on my phone sat in the chair watching Charlie sleep. Its 23.06pm and there is nowhere right now I would rather be. My beautiful baby boy is now a half a year old and I just can't believe it. He used to be so tiny and fit perfectly in my arms, now hes twice the size but still he fits perfectly. He will always fit perfectly in my arms.
He smiles at me with not just is big two teeth grin but with his big brown eyes and when I pick him up in the morning to when I pick him up because hes ready for bed I can feel the love from this tiny being.
There are times when I am tired, times when I am fed up, times when I wish I could have 5 minutes peace from the crying but I wouldnt change any of it in a second. He makes me such a better person, hes made me the best possible version of myself and for that I will forever be grateful, I was blessed with a tiny angel that will one day become a troublesome toddler, an energetic child, hormonal teenager and one day will become a true gentleman.
He makes me proud every single second, every single time a stranger stops me to tell me how gorgeous he is, everytime someone tells me just how well behaved he is, and how much he smiles. He makes me proud every single second by trying his hardest to sit up, play and develop. I couldnt love my baby any more than I already do, yet tomorrow I will manage to feel even more love for him.
I am sat here watching my beautiful baby boy sleep feeling so blessed with life that I wanted to document this moment, so that in times when I am not feeling as I am right now and I don't have my boy to look at, I can read this post and remember this feeling right this moment. So that one day I can read this to Charles and he can have a small insight into just how much I love him, because he won't be able to truly know until he becomes a parent himself.
This kind of love is reserved for the best of us, and I am so lucky to feel it every day.
I love you Charlie.