Dance like nobody is watching.

An impromptu post today that was a complete last minute thing. In town at the weekend the local radio had a stall and was trying to raise money for cancer research. They were playing music and for the life of me I can not remember the song that was playing at the time, I think it was something from Cher, it was definitely an upbeat song. 
And as we walk past the crowd we spot a guy that must of been about late 40s/50s dancing in the middle. He was the only person dancing apart from two of the organisers that were moving side to side. People all around were filming him and watching. Some people were taking the mick out of him but others were commending him. I certainly was. 
I thought it was incredible that he went out there into the center of a circle and danced like nobody was watching. 

People don't show their true emotions in life, people hide away pleasure and sadness and true feelings out of fear of rejection. Because they don't want to look silly and have people take the mick out of them.
I am so proud of the man that danced like nobody was watching and wish that more people took a page out of his book and didn't care of what other people thought. 

So to all of you reading this today, do something out of your comfort zone. Show the world your true self, be kind, help others and act how you want to act. 

Love Ellie, 
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