Best of the baby books.

When you become pregnant for the first time you are hit with this massive realisation, 'how the hell do I raise a baby?'. In my case the youngest person in my family was my 15 year old sister, I had no friends with kids ands Ben niece is 8, so no babies! I had no knowledge of anything so immediately started my research on this new part of my life. Infact they very first thing I did was go and do my weekly shop and purchased the Mother&Baby magazine (@motherandbaby) and have purchased it every month since. 
I thought I would round up some of my favourite picks and give you all a little run down on why I love amd recommend each one. Information is always key and for me reading makes me much more confident. These books don't hold any magic, but they do offer options, guidelines and help.

So in no particular order here are some of my favourite baby books:

What to Expect: When your expecting - This was the first book that I bought for myself. Its such an infamous bookamd it didnt disapoint. I loved the questions and advice from real parents and loved the guidelines of what to expect each month. 

The Expectant Dads Survival Guide - I bought this book obviously for Ben knowing that he hasn't finished a whole book in his life. He loved it. It talked you through everything he needed to know in a funny way that made Ben read on in interest. Its aimed perfectly for those Dads who don't read often and in Bens words 'Its aimed at Dads whose partners are making them read up on pregnancy and babies' I highly recommend this for any expectant father. 

50 things you really need to know: Super bright baby - I saw these books in The Works and snapped them right up. Its really good at telling you about all the latest research about babies development and is great for information. It gives you an insight into just what is going on in your babies head.

First Aid Manual - This purchase was for many reasons but mainly because of the section for infants. I wanted to know the basic first aid for if ever anything happened to Charlie. Its simple but worth a read.

The ultimate baby and toddler q&a - Put together by this book is so great. It has sections for each topic and then questions raised by parents. You then have, professionals and parents answering the questions so you get a real spectrum of advice. Its great to have n the shelf for if you ever want to know something or need a piece of advice. 

What to Expect: The First Year - Because I loved the what to expect when your expecting I knew I wanted to buy the next one up. I am getting through the First Year book as Charlie grows as I like to keep an eye on the questions and what is expected of his age. I like that it says what they should be doing and what they could be doing as all babies are different. Its been by my bed since Charlie was born and thats where it will stay until we are ready for The Toddler Years. 

Feeding Your Baby - Weaning is something that really scares me, I worry that I won't give Charlie exactly what he needs, that I'm not putting it into a good enough routine and that I'm just not doing it right. Its a fear of the unknown that I will conquer. But with the weaning adventure beginning I wanted something that would give me a bit of advice and guidance. This book does just that! It has so much advice, tips, planners, ideas and lots of recipes for babies and toddlers. Its helped me so much get to grips with weaning and for that I will be forever grateful.

Sainsbury's Little Ones Recipes and Nutrition - As with the book before I bought this hoping it would help with our weaning adventure and its brilliant. It doesn't have as much advice but it does have a section all on what you should eat when you are pregnant through to toddlers so it really does have everything. It has great recipes and tips.

Mother&Baby magazine - Like I said earlier I have been buying this magazine every month for the past year now. It has such great advice for pregnancy, new mums, experienced mums, toddlers, children. Everything mother and baby related its in there and its great! I love reading it every month and it is definitely a treat to have a cup of tea and settle down in a quite corner whilst Ben plays with Charlie.

Love Ellie, 
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