A raspberry treat.

Sometimes in life there are days when your walking round town and you think, 'I deserve to treat myself today'. In my case I don't always actually deserve a treat I just have a spending problem BUT on this occasion, I really did. So that is how these two lovely Body Shop products came home with me. I have always been a fan of the Body Shop, skincare products for me are a real treat. I've been eyeing up some of these Raspberry based products since before they actually hit the stores as some beauty bloggers were sent them to review, so when I saw them I went straight in and purchased these two items.

I find with body butters that they aren't always as moisturising as lotions, some are quite hard to rub into the skin and feel like you are really pulling at your skin, so instead of the butter I got the lotion to match the scrub. I was so intrigued by this scrub, it looks just like jam! I was expecting the consistency to be quite rough but it is so soft and smooth and is just the right amount of exfoliant. The best thing about these products is the scent, never have I found anything that smells more like raspberrys than these products. It is one of the nicest scents and sticks around all day, I keep catching whiffs of raspberrys and its so sweet especially in the summer.

So ladies, go and run yourselves a nice bath, light some candles and pour in some of your favourite bath soak. Treat yourself to a nice raspberry scrub and once out of the bath all relaxed smother your body in the lotion. Trust me, you'll feel amazing! 

Love Ellie,
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  1. I love the body shop! They have this awesome body cream that just smells amazing... mhm! And very long lasting on the skin as well, a full 24 hours and you can tell it. I have used the raspberry one, the one in container before and I loved it. I hope you enjoy the benefits of this product! And of course, it is always nice to treat yourself occasionally.


  2. I love the body shop too, I have to avoid it sometimes in town because I know I will end up buying something. And all the products feel and smell so nice!xx


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