A new direction.

With my laptop given up the ghost I haven't been able to blog like I normally would. It's made me re-evaluate why I initially started this little place of the internet. In years to come I want to look back at Pepper and The Robinsons and look back at so many memories and phases of our lives and looking at my little place at the moment I'm not happy that I am doing this.

So with a broken laptop I am going to try my hardest to blog on my tablet and insert whatever photos I can. I want to show our day to day lives, especially what its like with a new baby. To begin with I wanted to update you all on all of Charlies latest achievements. In what seems like only a week he is now regulary rolling, sitting up really well and his first tooth has come through! I couldn't believe it and cried a little when I discovered it. I have written his 20 week update even though that past nearly 3 weeks ago but I am going to find a way to add in the photos I have and upload it before his 24 week post which is next week.

Our wedding is fast approaching and we've now sent out our invites and have most of the day planned. My dress and ring have been purchased and I am so excited to carry on planning our special day. However planning a wedding is so much more stressful than it should be. Keep tuned for many more posts on this.

I have a post coming up this week with an update on my post natal depression and have lots of ideas that I can publish with limited tools. Sorry for the lack of posts guys, please forgive me.

Loves, Ellie.