20 and 24 weeks.

As you may of noticed by the title and the missing 20 week update this post is a combination of the two months. Due to a broken laptop I struggled to include photos within the 20 week update that I had already written, because of that I decided not to publish as seeing his photos every month are the true way of seeing just how much he is growing. So less of the rambling about excuses here is his 20 week update (which is wrote when he was 20 weeks) and his 24 week update (written now). I've added some photos of the last two months for you to oooh and awwh at.

20 weeks old:
Where has my little baby gone? Seriously that little 8lbs 13.5oz is now nearly 16lbs! Hes rolling around the floor and trying his hardest to sit up himself. My little baby that would fall asleep all rolled up on my chest is now this massive bundle that NEVER sleeps (or so it seems).
Whenever I look back at his previous updates I'm shocked with how fast he is growing up, here you can look back on his 4 week, 8 week, 12 week and 16 week by clicking on the number. Its so hard watching Charlie become more and more independant and hes still only a 5 month old baby, how am i going to manage when he turns into a toddler or a teenager! Hes been a bit poorly the past week with a cold but hes starting to feel a lot better now thankfully. Its heartbreaking seeing him so snotty, but there is something so precious about a baby that's poorly but still smiling and trying to be happy.
His hand eye coordination is getting seriously good, he will reach out and grab his toys and aim them perfectly in to his mouth.
I always say that I love him more every second and its true, every morning when he wakes up and lets us know hes awake I will go into his room and he will give me his biggest smile. That makes the start of every day so worthwhile and its by no doubt my favourite part of the day.

24 weeks old:
Reading over the paragraphs above I have truly noticed just how quickly Charlie is developing. He is now actually able to sit up and its so great watching him sit there and play with a toy in front of him. Obviously he is still getting the hang of it and has moments when he doesn't want to sit up so just falls over in any direction he fancies., but hes getting there and I am so proud of him. I can't believe its been nearly half a year since he was born and I'm currently writing an overall 6 month post and looking back at the day he was born makes me realise all over again how much he is growing up.
Hes now on puree! The weaning adventure is beginning (a post coming soon) and its so funny watching him discover all of these new tastes and textures. Its something that I have been really apprehensive about, a fear of the unknown I guess but it seems to be going really well. He loves carrot, mango and banana together he can't get enough of that mixture.
To co-inside with the start of his weaning adventures this month Charles got his first tooth! I couldnt believe it when I noticed it had cut through. In the days running up to the arrival his attitude had not changed at all, he was his normal happy self, sleeping fine, no excessive dribbling or red cheeks so it was completely unexpected. Its now growing at such a rate and its adorable to see when he gives me a smile.
I feel like so much has happened this month so I will keep some of my ramble to the overall 6 month post so make sure to check that out on the 24th of July.

Here are some mugshots of the bub over the past two months.

Love Ellie, 
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