Two decades of Jessica.

Today is my little sisters birthday and she turns 20!! Because of her special day I thought I would dedicate todays post to her.
Being so close in age she has always been right there beside me we were even dressed the same! When we were little we did everything together much to her delight. I must admit I was never impressed in having a little sister that I had to play with. 
But as we've grown up we have grown so close. She is not just a sister but is now my best friend. I know I can count on her for anything and she is so great to me and to little Charlie. In all honesty it is her to thank for Pepper and The Robinsons as she got me into watching YouTube and reading blogs. I look forward to watching her develop further into the brilliant young women she is becoming. She is so clever and I am so pleased for all of her achievements.

Here are some of my favourite mug shots of her. Happy birthday Jessica!

Love you Jessica :)