Insurgent Book Review

Following my review for Divergent which you can read here, I immediately started reading the second of the trilogy Insurgent. This post is a little delayed as I finished reading it about a week ago. I was hooked reading Divergent but I wasn't so hooked to Insurgent.

The book started as if literally carrying on from the first which I liked, it was a great continuation. This book however was not as good as the first. I felt like it went from chapter to chapter without real flow and it wasn't half as addicting.


We follow Tris as she takes refuge in the Amity headquarters whilst they decide what to do next. Knowing they need to destroy Jeanine Matthews they return home to the Dauntless headquarters where some kind of normality is restored for a short while. Jeanine threatens the lives of others as she requests the Divergent to come forward. In the early hours Tris volunteers and goes to have experiments tested on her as she makes a deal with Jeanine. We find out that her brother Caleb is helping Jeanine with the experiments and that Tobias has come to rescue Tris, his efforts although failed.
When we believe that Tris is being delivered to her death Peter rescues her and escapes with her and Tobias. We are then fully introduced to the factionless and their leader Evelyn Johnson, Tobias' mother.
A plan is put together to overthrow Jeanine but Tris goes against Tobias and the factionless and Dauntless as she believes that there is more to everything. After a battle in the headquarters of the Erudite Jeanine is killed and the Dauntless are overthrown by the factionless who no longer want the factions to determine the way of life. Tris tells Tobias there is something they are hiding that needs to be revealed and he believes her. A video is then played into the room. Edith Prior telling the population of Chicago that they were put there to live and that once there are enough Divergent they must leave the city to help the outside world.

Towards the end of the book I became more intrigued to find out what would happen and where Veronica Roth was going with the story. I think that although it wasn't for me as good as the first it was a great continuation and that it lead onto the third book really well. I have just finished reading Allegiant and feel so lost. The last book review of the trilogy will be up next week.

If you have read or are reading the Divergent trilogy let me know what you think! I would love to talk to someone about how they are finding it. Leave me a comment down below.