Going on my holidays.

A courtesy post to all my lovely readers that Pepper and The Robinsons are taking a weeks holiday.

I feel with how hectic things are in life at the moment I am not able to create posts that I am proud enough to publish. With that I feel so pressured to publish each week and with no time at the moment to concentrate on posts I am stressing myself out.

So I have decided I am taking a weeks holiday. In this week I am going to work on Pepper and The Robinsons to finish some draft posts that have been sat unfinished for a while and to work on some ideas that have been running round my head for a while.

I hope you can all grant me this weeks holiday and look forward to what is to come from Pepper and The Robinsons. Trust me, its worth waiting for.

Love to all and see you on the 12th of May!

Here is a sneak peak picture of my little boy being Christened on the 27/04/2014, the blog post will be the first to show when I am back off my holibobs.