Give me texture.

Since having my hair chopped off I've been able to actually style it in some other form of way other than a top knot. As soon as I shed the pounds of hair I headed over to Superdrug to see what products I could pick up to help me with my day to day style. These are what I came home with.

I was super excited to get home and start styling my now much shorter hair. Because of how much was taken of and how much she had thinned it out I wanted to help my hair with some added texture. That's where the VO5 Give me texture heat defence and the VO5 Give me texture texturizing spray. Whilst my hair is still damp I spray in some of the heat defence, now my hair is in good condition I don't want to damage it with heat. After its dried I spray some of the texturizing spray in the layers of my hair.
It makes such a big difference and takes me no time at all which is the bonus. It means that I get to spend time doing other things than waste time on my hair. The best thing about the spray is that its so much like a hairspray but its completely dry and clear so it doesn't show on your hair. Even though its holding it in a style you can hardly tell you have any product on which is amazing as I hate that caked look you get from hairspray.
I am in loveeeee with these products and will definitely repurchase, I do want to try the volumising set next time though. What are your favourite hair styling products? Do you have any tips or tricks for a quick do? Let me know in the comments.

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